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equal education

providing children of low-income

families with access to technology-driven learning



the world is becoming more technology-driven by the second. whether it be for everyday tasks like setting alarms, or for more important ones like managing finances, it is hard to deny that the abundance of tech is on an upward trend. many gen-z children are given access to technology at training centers and schools to aid with learning, but the same is not true for others. with technology's effectiveness comes its price, something that not all families can bear. connect&compute stands by the belief that a child's family background should not control their quality of education. our mission is to promote equal, fair, and effective education by providing schools in low-income areas with technology to enhance and stimulate their students' learning experience.



connect kids

to the world

inspire creativity

teach tech skills


personal growth

  10 reasons technology is important in education:


1) devices and the applications they support will help prepare students for their future careers.

2) integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles.

3) it gives students the opportunity to enhance the interaction with their classmates and instructors by encouraging connection, collaboration, and creativity.

4) using tech in the classroom gives the opportunity to develop their student's digital citizenship skills

5) Integrating technology in education helps students stay engaged.

6) combining new tech with traditional classroom can enhance the learning experience and create new opportunities.

7) when mobile technology is readily available and performing correctly in the classroom, students are able to access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier than ever before.

8)  the traditional passive learning model is broken. with technology in the classroom, the teacher becomes the encourager, adviser, and coach.

9) it helps students be more responsible. 

10) technology transforms the learning experience. students have access to an incredible amount of new opportunities. from learning how to code to learning how to collaborate across teams and with their instructors--technology empowers students to be more creative and be more connected. new tech has super-charged how we learn today.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [via securedge "10 reason's today's students need technology in the classroom]


sanjita pamidimukkala

sanjita pamidimukkala


sanjita is currently a junior attending dougherty valley high school. she has been fortunate enough to have been given access to technology from a young age. her love for computers spurred at around age 8 and since then she has loved integrating technology into her life whether it be watching netflix or creating raspberry pi projects. sanjita has always felt strongly about the issue of education inequality and is known for raving about it to her friends. she directs her love for social change into activities such as speech and debate and women in STEM empowerment programs. sanjita was inspired to create connect&compute by combining her love for technology, equality, and working with children. she hopes to fight for and provide a more fair education system in which children’s opportunities are not limited by factors out of their control. apart from this project, sanjita enjoys watching a wide array of tv shows, volunteering, programming, getting involved at school, debating, and more!

gargi nigam


gargi is currently a junior at dougherty valley high school. she was introduced to technology early on and was lucky enough to have it incorporated in her education. growing up in an affluent community, she and her fellow students are aware that they are incredibly privileged, unlike many other students. gargi believes that it is important for children to have access to technology just as more fortunate communities do. she says “students should not be limited or held back by aspects of their life that they cannot change and the quality of their education should not be restricted.” she spent this past summer outside working with, teaching, and spending time with children. gargi's passion for helping others and teaching is what brought her to connect&compute. she spends a lot of her time working as a lifeguard but in her free time, you can find her skiing or spending time with children.

education team

this team is responsible for forming partnerships with schools and developing need based curriculum that integrates technology into the learning experience.

jade wang

daniel yuan

eshal sandhu

avery kuo

sam siegel

adrienne fong

adil ahmed

jaanavi thanamala

monica morcos

technology team

this team is responsible for forming partnerships with tech companies and assisting schools with the integration of technology.

khushi patel

harshdeep kaur

rahi kotadia

rohit srinivas

sama shah

ritika singh

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